Roses are red

Violets are blue

Candy is sweet

And colorful too

It may be sweet

It may be sour

Whatever it is

It will definitely

Give you the power

To bounce off the walls every minute of every hour

After that

You won’t need a treat

And you’ll be so tired

You’ll go to sleep


I have a lot of widgets if you haven’t noticed. The shelfari widget was for a school project. We had to write a book review and we were being graded on it. The poll widget is from a challenge we had to do, so I thought it would be cool to learn what my readers think about my blog. Some of the widgets on there are the ones you don’t have to embed and I was a beginning blogger, so I wanted a bunch of widgets on there. The wordle is pretty cool and it was also for the challenge. Some of the widgets I put on my blog is for the game we were supposed to play. That’s about it!



I learn something new everyday. Sometimes I learn things the hard way. Like when I tease people.

When I was at girl scouts we were doing something in marker and it did not turn out so well. I started teasing my friend and we got into a marker fight and she chased me around the room and then I tripped. She got me and covered me with permanent marker.

I left that day with marker all over my face and arms. My grandmother does not like that.

The next day was picture day at school. My grandmother scrubbed my arms so it all came off. It hurt.

I learned that I shouldn’t  tease anybody when they have a permanent marker in there hand.

Reviewing (UGH)

Well, this whole school year has been really fun in learning terms. Usually I have no fun or I can say nothing good about learning anything in school for the school year. I think blogging was pretty interesting in learning. Believe me; I have learned a lot in blogging.

I have learned a lot from both the student blogging challenge and my teacher. This could get long.

Not only have I learned about blogging, but I also learned a couple of words in a different language from one of the challenges.

From my teacher I have learned all about blogs and widgets and she helped us with some of the challenges.

From the blogging challenge I have learned about tags and categories and avatars and pictures; when I say pictures I mean I never knew the exact thing you would need to put a picture on a website. I knew you must need something though. Turns out it was the attribution.

I also learned from the students. I learned different writing styles and words that are not common were I live. I also learned about different games that are not common were I live.

I could have written (or typed) this in a lot more detail, but I am a little behind on all of the challenges. I am on challenge 6 out of 8. it’s not very good for my standards.

Got to go and do some more blogging.


Tests…Why have them???

Well… this week for the student blogging challenge we have to write… well… lets say it’s a persuasive essay. Not very fun you say, well it is if you try to persuade someone not to give kids tests.

Let’s start from a kid’s point of view: you are sitting in class… almost sleeping because all teachers do is talk and repeats the things they say over and over again. Don’t you remember when you sat there and whispered to friends? If teachers ask you questions over and over again, then both questions and answers get embedded in your brain.

Now let’s take this to a teacher’s point of view: now that you have grown up, you have experienced the wrath of some teacher’s hatred and “love”. You want to take revenge on some of the teachers you have had, but the closest, vulnerable thing to you are the students you teach. You force the tests on them; give them quizzes almost everyday of the week, and repeat everything straight from a book.

Some say this is considered love and some consider this to be hatred.

Now, to a kid, this is considered hatred. To a teacher this is caring love.

Since the teachers embed quizzes, projects, and questions I do not think the tests have to be done. Some students have certain parts of the book memorized because how many times it gets repeated.

Tests are just like repeating what the teacher says in writing, except for the book it comes from. Maybe A test twice a year would be fine, but you have to make the student very comfortable or else we won’t test well.

When you feed the brain too much it all comes out at one time and then it is empty before the test comes.

I am just saying this for all of the teachers that read my blog’s benefit.

P.S. all of the information comes from my experience from all of the schools I have been to.

Thanks for reading!!!


killer Storm

This is the story:

My mom and I went to go shopping while my two brothers and dad went on their yearly father-son fishing trip. We made sure to watch the news before they went to make sure they would not be caught up in a storm (just like this). Obviously since we are in New England, the weather can be unpredictable (and boys will be boys, including dad).

My brother, Kyle (in the back left) and dad (back right) are looking in the distance at the storm nearing them. My other brother, Jonny (front left), is looking at the camera they had planted at the front of the boat. They had already gotten soaked by previous monster waves.

My dad told my mom, “I shouldn’t bring my cell phone because it could get ruined”. Obviously he was right, but since he did not have his phone we had no way of communication. No one but us knew where they where, and we did not know there was a storm. We only found out about the storm from when we went to get a manicure and pedicure and the news was on.

“This just in, there is an unexpected killer storm in the ocean. We have all of the known boats alerted to go back to base. There are unknown boats in the sea though. If you have any information about unknown boats in the sea, please call the Emergency Hotline 555-7779”.

We rushed out of the salon so fast; I swear I saw some of the nail polish fly off my nails. My mom threw money on the counter and was already in the car when I figured out what was happening.

Meanwhile my dad and two brothers are having a blast while my mom is having a heart attack. Jonny is making sure he gets everything on camera. Twice my brothers and dad almost tipped over the boat.

We finally got to the police station and reported my dad’s boat in the middle of the ocean with my two brothers. Once I made a comment about leaving my brothers in the middle of the ocean and giving them food every month. My mom did not like that comment.

Once the police got my brothers and dad she almost hugged them to death. Before she did though, she took one look at them and grimaced. She said, “How about I give you guys an air hug and you act like I hugged you to death. Okay?” She did that to make sure she did not get their wetness on her new clothes.

When we got home, my dad and brothers changed their clothes while my mom cooked dinner. I had nothing to do, so I read. My mom used that opportunity to give me a lecture on how to respect my brothers and love them. She said, “Oh you should go and give them a hug when they come back down. If your dad heard what you said, he probably would be infuriated right now. You never know when something bad might happen, like to…”

At that moment my dad walked in (thank goodness). My mom never brought up my comment again. We had dinner (spaghetti and meatballs) and talked about our trips. In the end, we all laughed about everything. Kyle laughed so hard about almost tipping the boat over twice. He spit milk out his mouth when he was laughing. It was so gross yet funny, that we all started laughing. At the end of dinner the table was covered in milk, meat sauce, and pieces of spaghetti. Our dog Maggie licked up everything. That day was fun.

The end!!!

Original image: ‘Fun at sea
Fun at sea
by: Ville Miettinen

Cats vs. Humans

Zoom, Zoom!

For this weeks challenge we have to make a zoom. A zoom is really cool and fun. There are some rules for the zoom though.

Here are the rules:

  • To start a zoom you have to search for a random picture.
  • When commenting you should read all the previous comments so that you know what is going on in the post and so you know where to pick the story up from.
  • You can enter anything in your comment (most people go random and add flying monkeys in a BBQ, for example).
  • Make sure you have fun!!!

Here is the picture: a telephone box.

A Phone Call at Nightphoto © 2008 Cristian V. | more info (via: Wylio)